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10 March 1983
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If you see this page it means I'm request to be your friend or someting like that, Right?
And then you came to check how I am, am I good enough to be your friend , Right?
Well I will start with

1. I create LJ account to follow what i'm interest in and of cause, it is YAOI.
I try to check the update of every yaoi scalation group as much as i can.

2. For every Scanlation goup i request to join, I'm a women who are old enough to view any -hard core- stuff (I'm already good bye my twenties T-T) and personally viewing those stuff is legal in my country. Most improtat I swear here that I will follow your rule willingly and strictly and i will try to never ever make you any trouble.

3. I'm very grateful and thankful to every YAOI Scanlation grop that i ever took thier works or even one that i never view.
Because you help me to get the access to what i really like and spread it to the people who like it, too.
And i know that it takes a lot of time money and effort to make a scanlation, I really respect you.

4. I also swear that if i have an oppertunity i will buy a real copy from publisher.

5. I'm not good at English so that's why i don't post much and when i post it will not long, but i'm so very thank you from my heart.

6.I created this account since 2006 and I'm still active (this update is May 2013, 6) though I don't post on my LJ but i still alive! I just don't want my silly and annoying post appear on other ppl friend page.

So I beg you please let me in to your group, let me cherish your fruit of hard work, let me feel the joy of YAOI, please m(_ _)m